Child Health Care


Intra-partum period could be referred to, as the most critical time in a woman’s life. That is when she needs maximum support, not only from her husband, but also from her obstetrician. During this phase, a woman needs psychological support too.

We try to support our patients, maximally. We provide 1:1 support to ensure mother’s and baby’s well-being. We aim for vaginal delivery, whereas, caesarean section is reserved for obstetric indications only.


Taking home a new baby is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life, but there are some challenges, for example: disturbed sleep, taking care of the new-born (especially for the first-time moms), and social obligations.

This is a very crucial period as you have to take care of yourself, and your baby. Do not hesitate to ask help from your husband or other family members, as you need more of psychological support then. You have to: establish breastfeeding and take care of your wound, perineum or caesarean wound. T this can be exhausting for a woman who has just turned into a “mother”. We are here to provide you the psychological support you need.

In case of complicated antenatal and intra-partum period, such as: pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, epilepsy and any other medical disorder, always follow the instructions of your obstetrician!